Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cold s'mores for hot days

I haven't touched this blog for over a month...not because I've had any lack of deliciousness in my life (I have a ton of photos piling up on my iPhone with all of the amazing things Jude has made for me in the past month as the bounty at the farmer's markets has exploded with summer), but merely a lack of time. This is the busiest time of year in my work, and between my job and my family there hasn't been a moment to spare. But this is just so darn quick, easy, and tasty, I just had to share!

It's been unbearably hot here lately, plus I've been craving treats that remind me of summer (we just made root beer floats this past weekend)...So I decided to make a cold s'more!

Graham crackers, dark chocolate ice cream, and marshmallow fluff = a s'more you can prepare in a tiny apartment sans-campfire! :) This was actually frighteningly delicious!


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