lucky eater

Jude is incredibly good to me, and so I am the first to admit that I am incredibly lucky. Specifically, I would say that I am a lucky eater.

Jude is an exceptionally good cook, he cares deeply about the way that food is grown, harvested, and prepared, and he is generous with his work. I have seen him grow so much over the years in the breadth of his knoweldge and skill, and I have been humbled by the unique role I have as an eater in our home and the lucky recipient of the gift of his delicious food.

When I first became pregnant with Ruby, Jude really started going all out in taking care of my diet. Not only does he make breakfast in the morning, but he makes me lunches to take to work and often leaves me ready-made homemade meals in the fridge for my dinners when he works late.

Here is a picture of the dinner I found for me in the fridge one day last spring when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, soon after we had found out we were having a girl (Jude also did a lot of research about the foods needed for the baby in utero, so I ate a WHOLE LOT of greens--that is a salad underneath the tin foil):

In general, I find Jude's cooking to be an art form. He is an artist whose work is constantly evolving, but gets consumed almost immediately upon its creation. I am starting this blog as a way to savor and preserve his art well after I have gobbled it down.

I truly am a lucky eater.