what Jude cooks

Jude tries to support small local farms and has built relationships with a lot of farmers, growers, cheese makers, and butchers at the year-round green markets in New York City. For work he buys at the Union Square market; for home, he buys there and at the Fort Greene market. We also are part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) during the summer months. For the most part, Jude cooks our food in accordance with the seasons and what's available locally at the time...so, naturally, summer is our best eating around here and the long winter months involve a little more grocery store supplements! Below is a typical summer meal at our house.

Jude cooks with fresh, whole ingredients and works to bring out their natural depths of flavor with traditional techniques, preparations, and seasoning mixed with his amazing creativity and quick mind for unique flavor palettes. The power of his cooking is in its simplicity--he can make the most mundane foods exquisite and delicious.

Delicious. That is a word I tend to overuse these days. But it really can't be helped since I'm married to a kitchen magician-wizard-artist-chef-madman extraordinaire and every day I am greeted with things that are, for lack of a better word: delicious