Thursday, February 11, 2010

spaghetti bolognese

I am filing this under "quick eats," although there is nothing "quick" about Jude's delicious bolognese! I am calling it quick in this meal because he made a big pot of it last week and froze it for something I can pull out and make fast dinners from. When Jude makes bolognese, the whole house smells amazing all day while it simmers. Another thing that is a new obsession in this house lately is grinding all our own meat so that we can ensure we have good cuts and that it all comes from one animal. And by "we," I, of course, mean Jude.

Ruby meals also come from our local green markets. Jude started making her purees and sauces in the fall when there was more local produce around and freezing it in BPA-free trays in our freezer in anticipation of her starting to eat this winter. So far, her local samplings have included: honeycrisp apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, celery root, and carrots.

Quick and simple dessert of juicy pineapple slices drizzled with honey, sea salt, and a little chili powder. There is clearly nothing "local" about pineapple, but the honey is a yummy jar from the Hamptons (a gift from our friend, Liz).

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