Thursday, February 18, 2010

picnic dinner

After the pediatrician today, I went to work and Jude stayed home with Ruby. He went to our local French grocer (they do artisan cheeses, charcuterie with an in-house butcher, and have a bakery) and got a baguette, a bunch of yummy sheep and goat's milk cheeses (because I can't have cow dairy right now due to Ruby's bad reaction to the enzymes in cow's milk), a country-style pork pate, some proscuitto, and greens for a simple salad. We also ate what was left of the thawed bolognese over crusty bread. We had mustards for the charcuterie and honey and membrillo (quince paste) for the cheeses. Meals like this remind me of our honeymoon, where we had picnic feasts in the French countryside daily!

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