Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jude called this salad "trashy"

It was about that use up the leftovers from the week. We had tacos one night and steak another, plus we've been munching on chips and salsa. So Jude made a dinner tonight of a big hearty salad that used up our leftovers. Jude told me not to take a picture of it because he called it "trashy," but this salad was so delicious, I don't care if it was just a bunch of leftovers in a bowl!

He started with black beans and the red onions he pickled earlier this week. Then he cooked the leftover skirt steak from Monday night with a little char on the outside. Put that and mixed greens over the beans and onions and then--on a whim (and I think this is where he decided his creation was "trashy")--sprinkled crushed up corn tortilla chips over the top. I've gotta say, I was skeptical of the chip idea, but it was crunchy and so delicious!

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