Friday, March 26, 2010

Motorino pizza and octopus

Jude and I have been craving pizza lately something fierce. I can't have it because of Ruby's allergy to an enzyme in cows' milk. I keep thinking that I should try a cheese-less pizza, but--to be perfectly honest--crust and tomato sauce is just not what I craving...No, it's the oily deliciousness of baked cheese that I miss so much. However, tonight I relented to trying a cheese-less pizza so that Jude could have real pizza to watch a little March Madness.

Jude picked up our dinner from Motorino Pizza in the East Village on his way home from work. Since I wasn't going to have "real" pizza, he also got me a green salad and an appetizer of warm and spicy octopus and potatoes (with chili oil, lemon, and parsley). The octopus was good and the salad was fine. My cheese-less pizza was really good as far as delicious pizza crust and tomato sauce are concerned, but--I'm not going to lie--it was a little bit difficult to watch Jude eat a "real" pizza with smoked pancetta, brussels sprouts, mozzarella, garlic and pecorino.

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