Sunday, March 7, 2010

not your run-of-the-mill pancakes

It's Sunday morning and I am dragging my feet...I have to go finish up a work event (where I will sit in a windowless hotel ballroom on a gorgeous pre-spring day) this afternoon that has taken up my whole weekend and I'm feeling guilty about leaving Ruby again. It is actually a fun event, plus I am taking off two days of work in the next week to make it up to her, so I really can't complain!

Anyway, my morning was just brightened significantly with a great breakfast from Jude. He made banana pancakes, cooked in a little pork fat (he keeps some kind of cured pork--in this case, smoked jowl--in our freezer at all times for things like this) for depth of flavor. He used soy milk instead of regular milk in the batter because Ruby's allergy (the enzymes in cow's milk that mama intakes) has been getting worse lately.

There was barely anything left in our bottle of Vermont maple syrup, so Jude concocted a delicious sauce for our pancakes from things he found around the kitchen. He stretched out our maple syrup with a brown sugar simple syrup and macerated cherries, then flambeed it with a little whiskey at the end.


Here is the cook, eating his breakfast and drinking orange juice from his beloved mug from Philipp in LA (home of the famously awesome French dip sandwiches). And here is his black coffee in a great Brooklyn mug (a gift from my friend, Anu) from NYC's Fishs Eddy, which makes adorable and satisfyingly chunky dinnerware.

And here's Ruby, reacting to Jude's silly antics and faces he is making at her while we eat our breakfast.

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