Saturday, March 6, 2010

me gustan tacos

I really love it when Jude makes tacos. He did the big pot of pork shoulder yesterday morning. He seared it, smoked it, and then braised it. When he left for work, I had to "keep an eye on it" while it slowly cooked on the stove for three more hours in a bath of charred tomatillos, charred scallions, garlic, oregano, cinammon, honey, cumin, coriander, onions, chili powder, bitter orange juice, vinegar, and a little bit of beer. Tonight he heated it up on the stove for our tacos.

Lime wedges are a key ingredient!

Another star of the show on taco night is homemade pickled red onions--they give the tacos just the right amount of a tangy kick.

Add some cilantro, avocado, and green salsa and you have your perfect tacos. We also had black beans--a must--with this meal. DELICIOUS!!!

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