Tuesday, April 6, 2010

bolognese to eat now and to freeze for future meals

First, Jude "sweated out" (cooking them just enough to release some of their juices and their moisture from within without putting any color on them) some onions, garlic, and carrots.

Then, he added in the ground beef (which he ground on our Kitchenaid stand mixer) and lightly brown it all.

He adds some white wine at that point and reduces it down. To add the tomatoes, he uses a combination of strained tomatoes and chopped tomatoes. He really likes the Pomi tomato products from Italy.

Add some black pepper, salt, a bay leaf, parmesan rind, a bacon rind, and whatever else you think will add some good flavor. He cooks this "slow and low" (no boiling) for between three and six hours. If it looks dry at all, add a little water here and there if it's necessary.

This is ridiculously delicious and the best part is that it freezes and thaws perfectly for easy future meals, too.

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