Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brooklyn Flea lunch

After a lovely afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossoms in all their fluffy pink glory, we stopped by the Brooklyn Flea for lunch. On Sundays it's still indoors at the gorgeous old bank building in Fort Greene and the food vendors are downstairs, which makes it fun to eat in the old vault. Ruby was unimpressed.

We got pupusas, one of my favorite street foods. A Salvadorian specialty, a pupusa is a thick corn tortilla (more like a corn tortilla dough) stuffed with fillings (my favorite are beans and cheese, but I can't have cheese right now because of Ruby's allergy, so I have mine with chicken and beans now) and then sealed over and cooked on the plancha (griddle). It's usually served with a slaw and you can top it with crema and/or salsas. So delicious!

Mine without crema (sad):

Jude's with crema (yum):

I also got some black beans and some maduros (fried ripe plantains) for the table.

And, of course, a imported Mexican Coke (in a glass bottle and with real cane sugar, not HFCS) from the fish taco stand. What a treat!

My mother-in-law digs in.

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