Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jude makes eggs to order

Jude made eggs for everyone this morning and it turned into a big conversation about how eggs are done. All of us had very different ideas of what "sunny-side up," "over easy," "over medium," etc. really looked like. So, instead of just telling Jude the name of what we wanted, we each described to him what our perfect eggs were.

For example, I wanted mine with a totally runny yolk but a totally cooked white with little to no color. His mom wanted the same. And Jude made exactly that for us to perfection!

Jude made himself a fried egg sandwich with a semi-runny yolk.

Jude's dad got an omelette. A pretty perfect omelette, I have to say. Look at that--totally cooked but with no color, exactly as an omelette should be.

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