Saturday, April 3, 2010

roast chicken, potatoes, cippolini onions, carrots, and braised cabbage

This was a particularly stellar meal. I'm not really all that excited by chicken as a rule, but Jude is someone who can really make a chicken into somethin' special!

Tonight, Jude roasted a chicken for us. He stuffed it with garlic and parsley. Then, in the same roasting pan, he threw in a bunch of mixed fingerling potatoes, red cippolini onions, and carrots with some salt and pepper and olive oil.

On the side, he also braised a bunch of cabbage with apple cider, chicken stock, brown sugar, sherry vinegar, dijon mustard, bacon, and salt and pepper. After all was said and done, I actually went back for another bowl of just cabbage--it was that good!

What a beautiful, colorful meal full of big tastes!

Chicken's done!

Perfectly cooked with a little crunch on the outside and seasoned just right.

Jude is starting to plate our meal.

Here is my (first) plate.

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