Monday, April 12, 2010

*photos* from Momofuku Ma Peche "friends and family opening" in March

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go to the friends and family opening for the new Momofuku Ma Peche in Midtown at the Chambers Hotel. I wrote about it that day, but I didn't post any pictures because (out of respect for the restaurant), I didn't want to jump the gun on the real press. Now Ma Peche has been all over the place, though, so I think it's fine to put these up. What a delicious meal!

Three kinds of oysters with an amazingly tasty Thai basil mignonette

Crab legs with a kalamansi mayo

Beef tartar with rice crackers and pickled bean sprouts

Guinea hen and foie gras pate with violet mustard and a pickle and herb salad

Burgandy snails and garlic sausage with tarragon and apple

Pork ribs with a maple chili glaze with chili, mint, scallion, and fish sauce (this was my FAVORITE dish...I could eat this again and again and again and never get sick of it!)

Steak frite with rice fries (yes, like french fries but made from rice flour)

And, upon leaving, my favorite cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar to go! I ate it at MoMA while poking around there. This is the marshmallow-cornflake-chocolate chip cookie. YUM!